Video sequencing guidelines.

Confirm your video has met the guidelines below prior to sending to Q TV.


  • Channels: 2 Channels (L,R)

  • Bit Rate: 160 kbps

  • Sample Rate: 44.1 KHz

  • Audio Levels: Should not go above -12 db


  • File Type: .MOV

  • Codec: H.264 1920×1080

  • Frame rate: 25fps Non drop frame

  • Non Interlaced (Progressive)

  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9

  • Bit Rate: 8 000 kbps


1. Refer to rundown of episode being built, and download needed videos in the URL column. This will be your Original Media.

Make sure to download videos at highest quality available. Only use videos that are 1080p or 720p.

2. Store Original Media in a separate folder (on hard drive) according to each show. 3. In Premiere, create a New Bin for the episode you are building.

4. Make a folder within the Episode bin titled “Original Media” and import all original media into it.

5. Begin with the first clip. Lower the entire clip’s volume so that it does not spike above -12 db.

6. Edit the clip according to S&P notes.

7. Create Nested Sequence once S&P notes are applied.

8. Name Nested Sequence the same name as the video.

9. Put Nested Sequence in one bin dedicated to all Nested Sequences (outside of the episode bin)

10. Using the Sequence Settings provided above, make a new timeline that will serve to be the actual segment.

11. Place the Nested Sequences previously made into the Segment Timeline and edit to the correct time indicated on the rundown.

A) Make sure each clip fades in and out from black. Be sure that clips in sequential order have a bit of breathing room between them.

12. Export sequence using the settings provided above.

13. Quality Check the export. If it is good, store it on the hard drive in the episode folder in a subfolder titled “Exports”.

14. Once all sequences are made for the episode, deliver them via DropBox to Q TV.